About Us & Shipping

We are a group of girls from the Scottish Capital - Edinburgh.

Each pair of worn tights are onsale until sold - and still being worn until you buy them.

We hope to mail our worn tights to you regulary and aim to satisfy serve and delight.

Our worn tights are shipped discreetly, unwashed in zip seal plain envelopes

Our worn tights are shipped discreetly, unwashed in zip seal plain envelopes

We regularly wear tights, We really enjoy wearing tights and pantyhose.

Afterwards we love our worn tights to find new owners - all over the world!

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*As all pairs of worn tights and worn panthose are worn to order - we cannot guarantee next day delivery ~ We endevour to have all 'once only worn tights and pantyhose sent next day..

If your order includes items of worn hoisery that you select to be worn more than 1 day ~ Please allow that amount of time before item being shipped..

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with myself or the seller of the worn tights or worn pantyhose that you have selected and we will be happy to help you with your order including when we are wearing, when we have posted and when you can expect to receive 🙂